Flat Fold Readers

Effortlessly cool frames. Patented folding system.


Innovative Technology.
Timeless style.

Executive Folding Readers

eyewear solutions.
Style you can see.

Flat Fold Air Readers

Modern approach to eyewear. Portability beyond belief.

Introducing Blue Light Readers

Eyewear protection you need. Comfortable for all-day wear.

Technology, innovation and modern style.

Over a million pairs of readers designed by MicroVision Optical have been sold worldwide. Our core beliefs - a commitment to creative design and a fierce dedication to quality - still guide our mission as we approach our third decade in the eyewear business.

Shop our high quality, high tech frames today.

The Original Mini Reader

The Original Mini Reader still has all the features that made it our most popular product.

Since its introduction, we’ve sold hundreds of thousands of pairs of this simple, sleek reader.

Flat Fold Reader

Our Flat Fold Readers use our best quality polycarbonate lenses with smooth beveled edges and lightweight, durable, stainless-steel frames.

Perfect for using at home or on the go.

Executive Reader

One of the most popular products we developed – likely one of the most copied reader designs ever.

Features a precision bridge joint, miniature spring-loaded hinges, and comfortable telescoping temples.

Flat Fold Air Readers

Our goal: An ultra-lightweight reader, with a bit of a whimsical character, and a profile even thinner than our popular Flat Fold Reader.

Mission accomplished.

Blue Light Readers

Not all Blue Light blocking glasses are created equal.

MicroVision Optical blue light glasses are the perfect blend of protection, clarity, quality and style.

MicroVision Classics

The Original MicroVision Mini Reader
Aqua Black Burgundy Gold Navy Blue Pink Purple Silver Tortoise + 6 more
The Executive Folding Reader
Black Gunmetal Navy Blue Red + 1 more
Flat Fold Reader
Black Gold Gunmetal Silver + 1 more
Flat Fold Air - Rectangle
Black Bronze Gunmetal Silver + 1 more
Flat Fold Air - Oval
Champagne Gold Navy Blue Purple Red Teal + 2 more

The MicroVision Difference

From the people
From the people
‘‘I just wanted to let you know how absolutely terrific these readers are. Unfortunately, age has put a bit of a ‘dent’ in my ability to read the menu. Especially in low light! These are perfect for a small bag, which is what I bought them for. No more bulky glasses case. Thank you, thank you for being so innovative.”
— Ingrid, CA
From the people
“Everyone who sees these on me wants to know where I got 'em, they’re so cute!”
— Michele, San Francisco, CA
From the people
“Thanks, I love the whole concept."
— Ken, Altamonte Springs, FL