Common Questions & Answers

Q. Where can I purchase replacement pen refills?
A. For the Crystal models, the custom replacement ink cartridge may be purchased directly from MicroVision Optical. Please call us on our toll-free number (888) 800-6767 to order. Each MicroVision Pen Reader™ is shipped with a black cartridge installed, and an extra ink cartridge in blue.

The Concorde models use a full-size, standard Pilot Dr. Grip refill that is readily available through stationery stores or directly from MicroVision Optical.

Q. How do I replace the cartridge?
A. For the Crystal models, pull the tip off of the end of the pen. Note: Do not twist the pen tip, simply pull it directly off the pen. Unscrew the small brass screw, using a standard screwdriver. Pull the ink cartridge out of the cartridge holder and discard the old cartridge. Insert the new refill into the brass holder. Push snugly. Screw the cartridge holder back into the pen tip. Note that the cartridge will project from the tip of the pen further than normal. Replace the tip on the end of the pen. With pen in hand, depress the tip of the ink cartridge onto a hard surface. This will push the cartridge up into the proper position.

For the Concorde models, unscrew the tip of the pen and detach from the pen body. Inside you will see a four-inch standard Pilot style cartridge. Note: There is a spring and black plastic ring, do not discard, they will be used again. Remove the spring, ring and cartridge from the pen. Place the ring and spring onto the new ink cartridge. Insert the new ink cartridge into the small hole in the lower body of the pen. Some manipulation may be necessary to insure the cartridge slides into its proper placement. Gently screw the tip back onto the body of the pen.

Q. How do I know which reading glass power to choose?
A. If you do not know which strength you need, it is typically your age, minus 35, divided by 10.  For example, if you are 55 years of age, deduct 35 for a total of 20.  Divided by 10, your typical reading power would be +2.00. Your purchase can also be returned for an even exchange within the first 30 days of purchase with no questions asked.