Optical Quality Reading Glasses

Flip-Top/Full Frame

Folding Vision Reading Glasses


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  • Matte Gold
  • Matte Silver
  • Matte Black
  • Magenta
  • Blue
  • Matte Brown
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Matte Silver
  • Matte Gold
  • Shiny Gold
  • Tortoise
  • Matte Black




Microvision Shapes
Flip-Top/Full Frame
  • Exclusive Compact Design
  • Worldwide Patented Telescoping Temples
  • Polycarbonate Reading Lenses
  • Value-Based Pricing on Unique Eyewear
  • Available in 12 Colors and 2 Shapes

Out Of Stock:  Oval Gunmetal +1.00, and +1.50

                                Matte Black +1.00, +1.50, and +3.00

                                Red +1.50, and +3.0                      

                        Rect Gunmetal +1.50

                                Matte Silver +1.50, +2.0, +2.50, and +3.00

                                Matte Black +1.50

                                Shiny Silver +2.0


MicroVision’s patented Folding Vision™ collection is unlike any other folding glass product. Our glasses feature unique spring-hinged stainless steel telescoping temples and fold neatly into a compact, color-coordinated flip-top case.  Available in either oval or rectangular shape.  Enjoy the visual benefits of our compact folding readers in the most popular reading powers, a great value for the price-conscious consumer.  Available in a variety of colors and shapes.