Optical Quality Reading Glasses

Folding Vision

MicroVision’s patented Folding Vision™ collection is unlike any other folding glass product.  The collapsible temples allow the frame to easily and neatly fold into a hard case that you can slip in your pocket.  Available in a wide variety of colors with matching cases, or premium styles that will accept your Rx lenses!

Flat Folding Readers

MicroVision's newest product is a Flat Folding Reader and RX-able frame that, when placed into its case, neatly collapses into a cell phone thick, comfortable case. Easily fits into your pocket, briefcase, or purse. Innovative and amazingly functional. One of our best products yet.

Technical Readers

Another new and innovative product that meets the highest standards for comfort and is as light as air. Durable yet light-weight stainless steel component, coupled with beautiful colors and modern technology, all built into one frame. It's a miracle to behold.

Pen Readers

MicroVision mini reading glasses cleverly housed in a color-coordinated ball-point pen.  Conveniently fits into your planner, briefcase, purse or pocket.  Fitted with an easy access flip-top or pull-apart case, our Pen Readers™ will give you the best of both worlds ~ a pen in your hand and readers on your eyes!

Tube Readers

Appeal to aging eyes with a sense of innovation and fun.  Our patented mini reading glasses are made with comfortable spring hinges, and are packaged in fun, brightly colored cases.  Make a serious fashion statement with an incredibly useful eyewear product.  Available in rimmed or rimless styles.

Light Readers

MicroVision Light Readers™ will come in handy for reading the menu in a dark restaurant, the program at the opera, or the road map on your travels.  A gentle twist of the tip turns on the LED crystal light to shine just where you need it, providing both improved vision and optimal viewing in one!