Optical Quality Reading Glasses

The Original

MicroVision Tube Reader


Select your options:


  • Gold/Gold Case
  • Tortoise/Black Case
  • Shiny Silver/Silver Case
  • Matte Silver/Black Case
  • Burgundy/Red Case
  • Blue/Blue Case
  • Green/Gold Case
  • Purple/Purple Case
  • Black/Black Case
  • Aqua/Aqua Case
  • Pink/Pink Case




The Original
  • Compact Protective Case                
  • Patented Mini Reader Frame              
  • Optical Quality Reading Lenses               
  • Styled for Men and Women                   
  • Available in a Variety of Colors


Description Appeal to aging eyes with a sense of innovation and fun.  That's the exact approach that MicroVision Optical has taken.  Our patented mini reading glasses allow for magnified reading of text, yet your normal field of vision is restored in the blink of an eye.  No more on and off like the old-fashioned readers.  Packaged in fun, brightly colored cases, our readers are great for reading maps, menus and your favorite novel.  Have a little fun enhancing your vision, you deserve it!