Flat Fold Air - Oval


25 reviews


The Flat Fold Air has our patented hinges and folds flat into a case only ¼ of an inch thick. These beautiful, lightweight readers are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Our Oval design is available in five stunning colors.

Product Features:

    • PMMA Polycarbonate lenses
    • Lightweight stainless steel frame
    • Patented hinge mechanism
    • Ultra thin ¼” case with magnetic closure
    • 5 colors & 4 magnifications

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Great Reading Glasses and Fashionable!

    Just buy them ... you will love them. Light weight and I love the case takes up minimal space unlike traditional cases. Recommended.

    Love these!

    Glasses fit perfectly and don't cause sinus pressure. Case is a little difficult to open but sturdy

    ????? I love these glasses...

    Excellent for gaming...an Anti Reflection coating would make these a Gamer's Choice!

    Matthew Schenker
    Mostly Excellent Glasses

    My wife and I both now need lots of reading glasses. We have purchased a number of them, which we keep in various locations. I have a pair by my computer, in my car, in my shop, in a hallway drawer, and more. My wife was looking for a small, light, durable pair to keep in her pocketbook for trips to the grocery store. I got her these. She likes a lot about them, with just a couple of small criticisms.

    These glasses seem to be made well. The frames feel firm, and the hinge mechanism is smooth. At the same time, they are quite light. The design is aesthetically just a little bit awkward. The lenses are rather small, and they kind of just out instead of wrapping elegantly with the curve of your face. Still, the lenses are in the right place for focusing right in front of you, so this is a comment about appearance, not usability. The frames have only one small touch of color above the ears. Except for the lenses, the glasses have a very minimal design that does not draw attention to their appearance.

    Before these, my wife had tried numerous glasses that hurt her nose, and were uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. She reports that these glasses are very comfortable. Their lightweight means she hardly feels them at all. She can wear them as long as she needs, with no discomfort.

    The glasses are very small. Included in the package is a hinged hard case, which is thin and sits easily at the bottom of a bag. The case effectively protects the glasses.

    These are excellent glasses -- super lightweight, very comfortable, and quite portable. Except for a slight design quirk in the lenses, I highly recommend them.

    Paige Myers
    Actually fits in my pocket

    This is the second pair that I have bought. I bought the first pair because I needed something that looked "historical" for living history interpretation. The first pair was gold and the second was teal. The teal ones were just very slightly off but are easily adjusted by gently bending the earpieces. The storage case actually fits in my pocket which is convenient since I don't carry a purse. They work great sitting on the sofa looking at the phone and then glancing up to the TV. I need something for close up so these are 2.0 magnification.