The Executive Folding Reader


22 reviews

Color: Black

Twenty years ago, the founder of MicroVision Optical came up with a new design for a compact, portable reader he and his 40-something-year-old pals could use to read golf scorecards. That patented design became the granddaddy of the Folding Vision family of MicroVision Optical readers. Our updated version of that great product is The Executive. Three special features set it apart: a precision bridge joint, miniature spring-loaded hinges, and comfortable, oval-shaped telescoping temples. The frame is stainless steel, and the rimless lenses are made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate. They’re just beautifully made eyewear. Available in Black, plus 3 colors unique to MicroVision Optical: Blue, Gunmetal, and Red.

Product Features:

    • Polycarbonate lenses
    • Rimless lens in a 3-piece stainless steel frame
    • Miniature spring-loaded hinges
    • Precision bridge joint
    • Timeless style
    • 4 colors & 5 magnifications

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    A perfect pair for travel or spare, in an ultralight package that fits in your palm

    Ever a fan of things that come in small packages, I'm delighted with these clever little folding readers.

    They're sturdily built with strong hinges and telescoping arms that keep a good, snug grip on your head. Unfolding and refolding these is a bit of a processif a satisfying one, like a little puzzleso they're not a pair you're going to whip out in a second for a quick glance at something. But they're very comfortable to wear and, with their 12-gram (less than half-ounce) weight and frameless lenses, it's easy to forget you have them on.

    I usually can't wear glasses with nose bridge pads because they get terribly tangled in my long hair when I push them up on my head, but these are made of a single piece of metal without additional fasteners (like plastic pads have) which seems to make them much less liable to that issue.

    Their sturdiness, compact size, and total weight in their case of just over an ounce make them a great choice for ultralight backpacking, a glove compartment, or any other kind of travel.

    My one disappointment is the color, a metallic red that's rather unflattering on me. If I had it to do again, I'd go for the silver, black, or even the metallic blue frames instead.

    Bottom line: Ultraportable and well-made, with an undeniably cool design. Highly recommend (but not in red, at least for me).

    Matthew Schenker
    Excellent, Comfortable Glasses

    My wife and I are both at the age when we need a few reading glasses placed strategically in various locations. I keep one pair by my computer, one pair in my car, one in my shop, in a drawer in the foyer, and so on. My wife was looking for a small, light, durable pair to keep in her pocketbook for trips to the grocery store. I got her these, and she really likes them a lot.

    These glasses are made really well. Holding them in your hand, you can just feel that the frames are solid and held together firmly. The hinge mechanism is smooth. At the same time, they feel light. The design is sleek and straight-back. The lenses are rectangular, with a slight wrapping shape to them. They are very "fine" looking, with no extra material. The frames have just a touch of color above the nose and at the edges of the lenses. They look elegant.

    My wife was having a bit of a hard time finding glasses with the right balance of lightweight materials, well-made frames, and comfort. A number of other glasses hurt her nose, and were not good to wear for any length of time. She reports that these glasses are super-comfortable. Their lightweight means she hardly feels them at all. She can wear them as long as she needs, with no discomfort.

    The glasses are very small. And they come in a compact case that does a great job protecting them at the bottom of her pocketbook or bag, even as it jostles around.

    These are excellent glasses -- super lightweight, very comfortable, and quite portable. I highly recommend them.

    Rebecca Burnett

    Exactly what I wanted.

    Love these

    I needed something small to fit in my pocket for travel and these were just right. The strength was spot on and the size was exactly what I wanted

    Amazon Customer
    Stays in place.

    Good construction and value for the price. Stays in place and doesn't slide or pop off like some other readers I have purchased.