Flat Fold Reader

Another example of MicroVision Optical design excellence. Flat Fold Readers incorporate our own patented spring hinge system. The frame folds down perfectly flat inside an ultra-thin custom case we designed to work with the unique hinge mechanism. When you return them to the case, they fold flat when you close the lid.

Available in 4 colors and 5 magnifications.

Flat Fold Ion Oval

The Flat Fold Ion has our patented hinges and folds flat into a case only ¼ of an inch thick. These beautiful, lightweight readers are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Our

Oval design is available in five stunning colors.

Flat Fold Ion Rectangle

With its new patented hinge mechanism, the Flat Fold Ion folds so flat it fits in a case only ¼ of an inch thick. That’s as thin as your iPhone. And these beautiful, well-made readers weigh only 12 grams. You’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Our Rectangle design is available in four colors.